Gavinburn School

The school was in use from 1887 until 1941 when the main part of it was bombed in the 1941 Blitz. By 1949, four classrooms were operating from two huts and by 1953, when the school roll was 362 pupils, part-time education was in place. In 1954 the new school was opened with the infant extensions added in 1975.

Carol’s Class

Carol Mackenzie

There were two classes of the same age. My husband was in the other class. He, they were, the older ones were put in one class and then I was in the younger class because I was a later birthday. There were more boys than girls in my class. I was in the room where the nursery is now in Gavinburn. That’s where the two primary one classes were because the nursery wasn’t obviously there and they hadn’t built the extension, so we were in the class, which was outside, primary one just across from the headmaster.

War Games

Billy Forsyth

In school, we used to have a lot of fun in the school playground. I can remember playing “kingy” and dodge -ball and various other sort of military type things – well, obviously, it was at the latter end of the war experience, which was still very prominent… well, I never experienced that really, but that was still uppermost in peoples’ minds, so we played a lot of sort of war games.


Carol Mackenzie

I used to go there to vote with my Dad and my Mum. And my Dad would go and take me up there and we’d to the library and it was just a nice atmosphere in the library as well. You knew it was part of the school before, but it had a nice feeling to it, and nice displays, and I remember when I was older going in, taking the kids in from school, would take them in there to go to the library and get a visit and see what there was and the displays and they’d a display of Kilpatrick Boys Club, with a football. I remember it was signed with all the players. They’d won some, I don’t know if it was a Scottish tournament or something but they’d won it and my brother’s name was on it because he played football for them at one time. But I remember going there when I was young. And I used to go in to vote as well. It was just a nice place. It’s a shame its gone. These things happen.

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