Lusset (High) Park

Tennis and Curling

Ken Miller

Beside the bowling green, tennis courts were there. When you say curling rink everybody imagines a building with an ice rink inside it which couldn’t be further from the truth. It was concrete and it was the full length of an ice [rink] and it had little walls so that water could be contained and then when it froze they had a curling rink. And it ran parallel with the railway line along towards the bridge and the tennis courts did similar.

Beside the railway

George Mirren

See where the bowling green is, well along there, there was a couple of tennis courts there, this was just beside the railway, it was just off…the railway was on the one side and then you had the path and you had two tennis courts there… well that football pitch was turned because of the roads, it run the opposite way, because of that they had to turn the park because of the likes of maybe a football hitting a car and causing an accident. And you had the big Lusset Hall there, a big thing, that was our bothy and we had a couple of huts where we kept our machinery.

The Swing park

Rona Mirren

We used to play at tennis and cricket and we used to go up the park because there was still the old swing-park stuff: the big witches’ hat, the big rocking horse and the swings, we used to go up there. That was at the other end of the glen near the railway station but on the left hand side, like at the end of the park, see how the bowling green is there and the other end of the park well that’s where the swing park was, we played up there.

The hall

Rona Mirren

There was a hall up at the top of the glen where the changing rooms are just now for the football teams, there was a big hall there. The Chapel used to run the Boys Guild from there and we always had the keys so they had to come to us, they had to come down the banking to get the key from us to open the hall and there always had to be somebody there because the Council let the hall out to the Sunday school picnics and they had groups of youngsters came and they had fun up there and they used the hall for their picnic and things like that.

The play grounds

Billy Forsyth

The Old Kilpatrick High Park was actually quite good… The Lusset Hall and we also had, although I never played there, the tennis courts, and the bowling green, and they were quite quality places in their own right, at that particular time. They were quite a good standard, the play grounds and all that, above the glen and the High Park... all good entertainment for children.


Billy Forsyth

We used to go to dances in the Lusset Hall, that actually had groups. They’d have dances up there... Probably, I’d have been about fourteen at the time…we’d go up to the dances and various gangs would be up there as well. We never really had any bother with anyone… everyone just understood what the code was.

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