Old Train Station

The old station

Steve Woods

It was just on the other side of the canal: so you have Roman Crescent, the canal and then the old railway track. I remember it but don’t have any strong memories of it. I remember going with Gordon and his family and with my own family occasionally to Helensburgh and we would have gone on the old railway. I do remember being in Old Kilpatrick Railway Station which was the one down Ferry Road, I remember boarding the train there, but also because the lady who ran the ticket office or the station was a lady called Mary Hoy who was a close friend of my mother, so we used to go down there and see her... I have a clear memory of the railway station and the trains going up and down but it would have been a rare treat for us to have gone on the train.

Coal for your fire

Maggie Larkin

My mother in law told me stories about when the railway was down the bottom so you had the two railway lines when you were a bit hard up at the end of the week for coal for the fire, if you went down when the train was passing and held your bucket up the guys would give you a shovel of coal off the train into your bucket and that kept your fire burning till you got your man’s wages.

Steam trains

Jim McCall

Well, obviously we could see the steam train: we heard it before you saw it, belching out steam. The most marked instance was when the swing bridge would open to let the canal traffic through underneath it. But I do recollect seeing the train crossing the swing bridge at Bowling Harbour. It was probably in the early 50s – I don’t know when it actually closed; but I remember the low level station still being open. Beeching closed it – so it’d be in the early 60s. We took them for granted – you would hear the train. I remember getting on to the third class carriage and it belching out smoke. And then you got the advent of the electric train and that was quite a change.

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