The Aurora Lamp Factory

The Aurora Lamp Factory was established in Old Kilpatrick in 1932. Old maps show that it was adjacent to the Gentles canteen which is now the Scout Hall. It was Scotland’s first electric bulb manufacturer, from 1932 to the mid 1950s. It was claimed that the bulbs lasted for 15 years, due to the high quality filaments that were used. The factory was important to the war effort during WWII. In March 1941, it suffered damage at the hands of the enemy during the Blitz but recovered 80% production within 7 months. Eventually, it lost trade to cheap imports that, unfortunately, only lasted a fraction of the time. One memory puts its closure date at 1956.

Job at the factory

Anne Alexander

As we grew up, into our teens, believe it or not [my mother] got a job at the Aurora Lamp Works down Ferry Road. And My Dad wasn’t very pleased when she told him that she was going to get a job. She said “well, a wee bit of extra money won’t go amiss so I’m taking the job”.

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