Situated between Clydebank and Dumbarton, the village of Old Kilpatrick is bounded to the south by the shores of the River Clyde and to the north by the Kilpatrick Braes. Over the decades it has been witness to many social, economic and cultural changes and yet retains a distinctive ‘village’ identity. On its outskirts it has a long history of rural life whilst its proximity to the Clyde, the famous shipyards, the Forth & Clyde Canal and a major railway line all signify historical links to its heavily industrialized neighbours. The post-war decline of shipbuilding and heavy engineering have now been replaced by smaller industries whilst a rise in tourism and leisure pursuits such as walking and cycling has brought many new visitors to the area.

The information presented on this website was collected during Action Old Kilpatrick's oral history project 'A Walk Through the Past: Memories of Old Kilpatrick'. The information is divided into several topics, each relating to a specific area of the village.

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